Possible Topics for Your Research Paper

In many aspects of life, the beginning is often the hardest part. The same is true in a research paper, especially if you are given the option to choose. If you are currently facing the difficulty of selecting your topic, read on to learn what to do.

Go with your interest

If your teacher allows you to choose, it makes sense to go with something of interest. School is already tough enough. If you select a topic you do not like, life in school will become harder for you as it will be more challenging to read and write.

Confirm there are resources

Picking a topic that is close to your heart does not guarantee that you will have enough resources to support it. So after choosing something, take a look online and in your library to ensure there are enough studies and theories to help you.

Topics to consider

Now, if you are having trouble coming up with a great topic, take a look at the following options.

Culture and religion

  • The influence of Western culture on Asians
  • The influence of Eastern culture on the West
  • The key differences between Christians, Muslims, and Jews
  • The spread of Buddhism in Asia
  • How conquests spread religion
  • Should traces of religion be removed from the constitution?
  • Why do many young people choose not to believe in any organized religions?
  • The effects of culture on travel restrictions
  • How businesses are adapting to immigrants in the city


  • Latest techniques in language teaching
  • Is bullying a concern for students about to enter high school?
  • Which is more helpful for remembering lessons, using a gadget or pencil and paper?
  • Are quizzes really necessary in school?
  • Are TV quiz shows helping students to learn?
  • Are audiobooks helpful to kids?
  • How have school shootings affected the anxiety levels of students in the US?
  • How excited are teachers about the use of augmented reality in school?
  • Do bad dreams affect how preschoolers interact in school?

Government and politics

  • Study of communism in the 21st century
  • Study of dictators in the 21st century
  • Why do some governments prefer to have a president and others a prime minister?
  • Does the death penalty really deter crime?
  • Top government conspiracies in the 2000s
  • Top reasons behind the struggles of developing countries
  • Why is genocide still occurring in the 21st century?
  • Can dictatorships be okay if they follow Singapore’s route?
  • How are elections manipulated?


  • Is formula milk really beneficial for babies?
  • Why do some mothers refuse to breastfeed?
  • Is the keto diet helpful to the body?
  • Is it necessary for young children to take vitamin supplements?
  • Why do parents allow their children to eat sugary snacks?
  • Does acupuncture really work?
  • When should a person opt for alternative medicine?
  • How bad is insomnia today?
  • Is reality TV causing depression?


So those were some helpful tips to learn from and an interesting list of possible topics to select. You can use the topics as they are or adjust them to your needs. Choose well!

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