Easy Steps for Your Research Paper

The research paper is one of the more challenging projects in senior high or college, guaranteed to give students nearly sleepless nights as they do their best to finish on time. Aside from giving students much practice in writing and researching, these papers also enhance critical thinking while providing in-depth knowledge on the topic. This is why teachers value this assignment, even if their students disagree.

Easy steps to help

So if you are facing a research paper this semester, consider the following to help you.

  1. Read and then choose a topic

Choosing a topic for your paper will not be easy. You cannot just copy what someone else did, and you have to ensure your study can be done. So the first step is to read a lot about possible topics for you, then select something you like that is also manageable.

  1. Make your thesis statement

The thesis statement is what your paper is centered on. It must be realistic and doable. For example, if you said that “Money is what motivates most professional athletes,” you better ensure you have access to data about this or that you can interview real sports stars. If not, you will have to adjust your statement to something you can do:  Earning big money in the future is what motivates high school basketball players to make it to practice every day.

  1. Get resources

Your paper needs support from a lot of resources. To get them, you need to check the books, journals, and other information available in your school library. You can then check online for related researches in online journals or digital libraries.

  1. Make an outline

To stay organized as you write, it is good to create an outline. Here, you will quickly jot down the arguments, connected theories, and supporting facts. If you did this well, the writing process will become easier, as you can refer to your outline.

  1. Writing itself

After conducting your experiment or observation, it will be time to write everything down. Following your outline (#4) is of big help, so ensure you do that. But you will also need to schedule a time to write every week. Discipline is required for this paper, so sacrifice this semester for a good grade.

  1. Consider the style guide

Research papers often follow a style guide such as APA or MLA. Make sure you know which one to use before you begin writing and apply the guideline as you write. This will save you a lot of time later on as you do not have to go back to revise your citations.

  1. Proofread your work

Before submitting your paper, make sure you have it proofread. If you are tired of looking at your work, hire someone else to take a look for you. Even though the research itself is important, you may have big deductions if your paper is filled with typos.


The research paper is a challenging project designed to improve your research skills. Although difficult, it can be done if you follow the steps above. Good luck!

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