How Reading Improves Your Writing

Reading is an action and art that is crucial for one to perfect and be a successful writer. Creative writing comes with a lot of consistent reading. Many students do not take reading seriously, and hence their writing is affected in return. But, one cannot write an article or book if they have never read any. Apart from improving one’s writing skills, reading has a lot of benefits which include the following.

It Helps in Developing Different Styles of Writing

There are plenty of writing styles to choose from. An excellent writer will, however, learn how and when to use different styles by reading more. Different writing styles tell a lot about a writer’s writing approach and how they engage with their audience. Writing styles also reveal a writer’s unique voice and personality. Creative writers often read a lot which helps them nature and familiarizes themselves with different writing styles. Descriptive, narrative, expository and persuasive writing styles are the primary and commonly used writing styles.

The descriptive style focuses on describing a character, place, event, or idea using comprehensive information. The narrative focuses on telling a tale through the use of a thrilling plot and attractive characters. Expository style explains a subject without conveying a writer’s thoughts. And lastly, the persuasive style focuses on swaying the reader’s viewpoint to align with that of the writer by using clear evidence and facts.

Reading Expands a Writer’s Vocabulary

Having excellent writing skills means creative writing and perfect writing styles and requires one to have an excellent vocabulary. Reading is the best way of expanding your vocabulary. Brilliant vocabulary makes it easier for the writer to voice their ideas and thoughts seamlessly to their audience. Reading does not just expand your vocabulary by reading but by looking up the meaning of different words and even synonyms if possible. A writer’s capability to use relevant and attractive new words in their writing helps them attract an audience.

The skill of Analytical Thinking

When you research, analyze, and conceptualize detailed information, it gets referred to as analytical thinking.  Therefore reading more articles and books consistently will help you enhance your skills in analytical thinking. So excellent readers can disintegrate complicated information into clear, simple, and comprehensible language.  Reading various types of articles, books, and other written materials constantly helps you develop the necessary skills needed to comprehend and discern information. Apart from that, it helps writers nature their ability to think critically, make decisions and do proper research.

Reading Expands Your Knowledge

To expand your general knowledge, you need to keep reading constantly. With more general knowledge, decision-making and critical thinking get easier as time goes by. It equips you with new information concerning different subjects, factual information, and a train of thoughts that help you better deliver significant information to the targeted readers. Reading expands your knowledge of various writing structures and styles used in all sorts of writing, including academic writing. Creating unique, well-structured, and engaging content for your audience requires a vast knowledge of different writing structures and styles.

Reading Helps a Writer Keep Writing without a Block

Sometimes, a writer is unable to compose new content. That state of mind is known as writer’s block. It mostly happens due to a lack of inspiration to start or continue writing a paper. Constantly reading new and different content gives a writer new ideas and also sharpens their writing skills. Reading is a perfect tool to help a writer start a new article or even finish up one that was left incomplete. It is vital to read different content as that opens up your critical thinking. Writers often draw their inspiration from other writer’s content, and hence reading is a crucial tool to upscaling your writing and thinking ability.


Writing is not only an art but a way of communicating your thoughts and ideas to your audience. Reading acts as a vital tool for improving a writer’s skill. It is crucial to read from one category and diversify your niche to learn more and increase your knowledge on different styles of writing and structures of writing. Developing a reading culture is therefore crucial.

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