What are the Main Parts of a Research Paper?

There are some parts that must be added in a research paper. Nonetheless, a portion of these parts might be discretionary, contingent upon the sort and level of your paper. The main parts of a research paper must be unmistakably associated with one another, in other words, they ought to be coordinated in the consistent order, and the paper must be organized so that a reader could undoubtedly discover all the essential data there. This article is made to explain the main parts of a research paper.

Title Page

One of the major parts of a research paper is the title page. You must also consider the style of your research paper.


An abstract is another significant part of a research paper. It includes the goal, the synopsis, and the objective of a research paper, and it must comprise 100-500 words. Typically, an abstract must sum up the entire research, including its major topics, and issues, and giving the significant ends. It must not contain figures and references.


An author gives a short clarification in the introduction to his/her aim in their paper by posting the key focuses. The clarification must be brief, and fascinating enough to excite your audience to read further. An introduction must incorporate a thesis statement: it comes to educate regarding a statement of an author’s feeling, which shapes the premise of the research paper.

Methodology and Framework

A methodology and framework part is a section that is added for a huge research paper to give the total and definite report of a research procedure. The methodology must exclude the remarks of a creator not to impact the objectivity of the introduction, as the fundamental point of this section to empower different investigations. The methodology and framework typically manages the portrayal of the research topic, techniques and devices of the examination and strategies and tools of the investigation that was utilized to sum up the conclusive outcomes of the examination. However, the outcomes must not be reported in the methodology part as this is the subject of the following parts.

Body Chapters

This is the principle part of the research that contains thorough clarification of the key focuses written in the different sections. In this section of the research, there is the argument on the approach of the investigation, the comprehensive models, tables, and figures must be incorporated and appropriately referred to if essential. Moreover, to pull in great imprints, it is basic for the research authors to display their language and sentence organizing aptitudes in this part.


A conclusion is a short synopsis of a research paper. Any new information must not be presented here. Simply reaffirm the theory and bring the research paper to an exceptionally impressive close.

To accomplish a fruitful research paper composing there is a necessity to define, perceive and apply the research paper parts expertly to acquire the best out of your writing task. So, try to understand the above main parts of a research paper for better results. It is advisable to use online research & term paper help if you are struggling with writing. Any paper won’t seem a disaster with the help of experts from a reliable service.