Brief Guide on Different Writing Styles

It is the way an author or writer can tell his story. The styles of writing are different. The writing styles vary from writer to writer and depend on which tone and vocabulary the writer uses. Two different writers can talk about a particular topic. But they may not sound the same. It is because they have different writing styles.

The kind of writing that a writer chooses to use shows the kind of personality that he has. They are a lot of styles that writer use when making their essays. But there are mainly four styles that most authors use. The four styles include narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository style of writing. 

All writers or authors must understand the various styles of writing so that they can improve on the quality and the standard of their work. And if you are trying to find other ways of improving your writing services, you can consult with some experts in writing. And make sure that the writing service that you have chosen is very credible and very reliable. 

Types of writing styles

Below, we will give a deeper understanding of the writing styles that one can use when writing his essay. Once one master these writing styles, his writing will improve. 

Expository writing

It is a style that most writers commonly use. The main reason why writers use this method is that they use it to explain thoughts and ideas. The major purpose of this kind of writing is to help readers understand certain ideas and thoughts. This kind of writing exposes, clarifies, defines notions and ideas. When writers use this method, they elucidate points, and they do that without even raising their opinions.


  • Recipes.
  • Textbook writing.
  • Business, scientific, and technical wring.
  • Articles in How-to.

Descriptive writing

It is where authors give accounts about an event, idea, place, character. Writers will use other kinds of literal methods, metaphors to explain specific reports the way they are. The writers can use the senses like touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, and tasting to describe something. Most writers use this to connect to the readers. 


  • Describing nature.
  • Poetry.
  • Fictional plays.
  • Novels.
  • Journals.

Crucial Points to note

  1. Explanations about people, places, events in a much deeper way 
  2. It is a kind of writing that uses sensory descriptions to connect with the readers. Like the smell, seeing, taste, touching, hearing. 
  3. Uses figurative language, for example, metaphors, similes, and analogies
  4. Use of precise language.

Persuasive writing

It is a kind of writing that most authors use to lure the readers into accepting their point. The persuasive kind of writing contains the author’s views, and it has the points that back up the author’s points. 


  • Speeches.
  • Reviews.
  • Cover letters.
  • Critical analysis.
  • Advertisements.

Critical points

  1. It backs up ideas with points, justification and reasons. 
  2. It is the part where authors pints their pints down. They try to convince the readers to take their side of view. This kind of essay uses persuasive language. 

Narrative writing

The main reason why writers use this kind of writing is that they aim to tell stories. This writing type helps the readers visualize and imagine the events that you, the writer, are describing. The writer also applies metaphors, personification, similes, imagery, and alliterations in the storytelling. Narrative writing styles use setting plots and specific themes that connect with the people reading.


  • Novels
  • Anecdotes.
  • Oral history.
  • Autobiographies.
  • Short stories.


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